37+ New Brunswick Photographers and Influencers You Should Be Following on Instagram

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Allie Beckwith //@alliebeckwith

A clean aesthetic and an eye for beautiful photos make Allie’s feed a pleasure to look through.  You can check out some of her art on her other Instagram page, and read more about her through her blog.

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Erica Claire //@erica_whitman

Erica is very close to nature, and loves doing yoga with her dogs.  Her Instagram feed is full of all three!

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Reuben Mark Stewart //@reubenmarkstewart

Reuben is all about flower enrichments, art direction, and styling, and his feed is full of beautiful flower arrangements.


Brittany Crossman //@bkcrossman

A beautiful wildlife photographer, you can also check out Brittany’s work on her website.

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Mathieu Dupuis //@matdupuisphoto

An author and photographer for National Geographic, and an ambassador for multiple brands, including Canon and Nanuk, Mathieu has beautiful photos from all over Canada. You can see more of his work on his website, as well as some of the stories behind the photos.


Janik Robichaud //@janikrobichaud

Janik, is a wedding and travel photographer and filmmaker, and you can see some of her commercial work here.  Her own feed is full of beautiful photos from her adventures around the Maritimes and beyond.

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Sue //@reaching_happy

Sue is a mom of two lovely daughters, and runs a blog about her family’s journey to “reach happy” each day, including their decision to home-school.  On her beautiful feed you’ll find lots of books, activities and educational-focused content, all around the theme of raising her daughters.


Erika Betts //@__neurotica__

A feed full of beautiful nature, plant and animal photography, among others.

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Sarah Kierstead //@sarahkierstead

A storyteller and photographer based in Fredericton, Sarah has a distinctive style with beautiful tones, of which her feed is a sample.  You can find more about her, and see more of work, on her website.


Ian McGregor //@iandmcgregor

A photographer based in Moncton who has received numerous awards, Ian’s feed is characterized by beautiful sunsets and sunrises.  More about his work on his website.


Denis Duquette //@denisduquette

Denis is a portrait photographer with a stunning array of work, which you can see throughout his feed and also on his own site.


Matt LeBlanc //@mattleblancphoto

Matt’s feed is full of a wide variety of photos, in both color and black-and-white, that range from motocross to portraits to landscape shots.


Jones Gallery //@jonesgallerysj

Jones Gallery is located in St. John, and their Instagram feed features behind-the-scenes content of artist Sarah Jones and gallery director Caleb Jones. More about the Jones Gallery here.


Kelly Lawson //@kellyslawson

Kelly is an entrepreneur, photographer and educator who left a career in occupational therapy to pursue her dreams.  She now provides educational content to help other aspiring photographers through her website, as well as continuing her own photography and running her fashion shop Ella.

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Jolie Dionne //@vintagemeetsglamdecor

Jolie is a home decor and DIY blogger who has been featured in Canadian Living Magazine, Apartment Therapy, BuzzFeed, and Country Living.  A beautiful feed full of lots of projects, you can read more on her blog.


Crystal Richard //@crystal_catherine

Crystal is the founder of east coast mermaid, and also owner of Sandy Toes Shop.  Her feed is full of beautiful photos from New Brunswick and the Maritimes.


Jennifer Irving //@jennifer.irving

A photographer based in Saint John, Jennifer has some beautiful landscape shots, often featuring horses, and you can see more of her work on her website.


Brooke Hamilton //@thenewmrshamilton

Brooke is a fashion & lifestyle blogger, as well as a videographer.  While her blog is mainly about fashion, she writes on topics ranging from recipes to travel reviews.


Alyce Whitenect //@alycewhitnect

Alyce is from Saint John, and writes on her blog about travel, food and fitness.


Jenna Morton //@pickleplanetmoncton

Jenna, based in Moncton, runs Pickle Planet, a website dedicated to sharing information for parents.


Daniel St Louis //@danielstlouisphoto

Daniel is a photographer based in Moncton, whose work ranges from commercial real estate, to events, stock work and more.  You can see more of his work here.


Sean McCullum //@seanmccullum

Sean is a photographer with wide-ranging work from events to landscapes to portraits. More of his work and prints available for purchase here. 


Matt Williams //@koy.ote

A photographer capturing candid portraits, often using film.

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Chris Griffiths //@bangonphoto

Chris is a commercial photographer who has worked with big brands like Rogers, Bell, Titleist, Canadian Geographic, and more. Find more of his work on his website.

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B HOME //@bhomemoncton

B HOME is a custom framing, furniture and home decor shop in Moncton.  Their feed features some of our favorite frames and lots of great home decor inspiration!

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Laura Harris //@lauraharris.nb

Laura runs a blog called Explore NB where she shares beautiful photos and tips on beautiful hikes and adventures in New Brunswick, with the goal of sharing the beauty of New Brunswick and inspiring others for their next adventure!

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Patrick Boyle //@patrickcboyle

Patrick’s feed is full of beautiful landscape and nature shots from all around New Brunswick.

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Nienke Izurieta //@nienks

Nienke is originally from Pennsylvania, and takes beautiful photos in a wide variety of contexts, though she specializes in weddings. You can see more of her amazing work on her website, while her Instagram feed features more behind-the-scenes content.

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Desmond Simon //@simondesmond

Desmond is a photographer and filmmaker with a beautiful feed full of portraits and landscapes.

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Julie Whitlock //@juliewhitlockphoto

Julie is a wedding photographer, with a feed full of her beautiful work!


Sweet Shots Photography //@sweetshotsphotography2016

A photographer based in Saint John who specializes in destination weddings, Sherry runs an active blog featuring more of her work, and her feed is full of beautiful photos of weddings, engagements, and family life!


Off Track Travel //@offtracktravel

Gemma and JR are a nomadic couple currently traveling on the East Coast of Canada.  JR is originally from New Brunswick, and their feed is full of beautiful travel photos.  They provide travel resources and more details about their journeys on their blog.

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Philip Boudreau // @philipboudreauphoto

Philip is a wedding, portrait and commercial photographer based in Moncton, and as you would expect, his feed is full of fantastic photos.


Melissa & Aaron - Photographer //@melissaandaaronphotography

Melissa & Aaron are a photography duo specializing in wedding, maternity and engagement photos, and you can find out more about their work here.


Alicia Halas //@alicia.h.photography

Alicia is based in Saint John, and her feed is full of bright, vibrant colors, showcased in landscape, nature, and architecture photos.


Leelynn Bardsley //@lbardsley

A photographer and digital artist based in Moncton, her feed is filled with a wide variety of beautiful photos, ranging from portraits, to cats, to weddings.  You can find out more about her wide skill-set and work on her website.

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Brock Jorgensen // @brockjorgy

Beautiful candid portraits, landscapes, and tones fill Brock's super-clean feed.

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Eric // @erickaffine

Stunning landscapes, dark tones, and the occasional portrait from both local and afar locations fill Eric's feed.

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Sarah Duquette // @bohoandbraidsblog

Sarah is a fashion blogger and wardrobe stylist, whose work you can see more of on her website.  Her feed is full of - you guessed it - fashion, stylish photos and clean pastel tones. 


Saltwreck // @saltwreck

Of course, don't forget to follow us!  You can shop our prints here.

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