55+ Nova Scotia Photographers & Influencers You Need to Follow

July 10, 2018

Our home province of Nova Scotia has a bunch of awesome photographers, bloggers and influencers that deserve a follow.

Here are 55+ of our favourite - let us know who we missed in the comments!


Olivia // @itslivb

This Halifax-based YouTuber (600K+ subscribers!) shares lots of vegan food, beauty and lifestyle content.

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Allie & Sam // @allieandsam

This couple are founders of A & S Social Media (@aandssocial), and share their adventures through their beautiful photos and their blog.

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Musemo Handahu // @misslionhunter

A blogger, stylist and creative based in Halifax, you'll find her feed full of bright colors and fashion.


Danny & Kaylin // @freedomtravelhack

These travel bloggers have a feed full of their travel photos all over the place, as well as lots from the Maritimes.


Alexa Cude // @seriouslyalexa

A talented Halifax-based photographer, you'll find her feed full of moody tones, and her Instagram stories full of her travels and dog.


Dave Culligan // @dave.culligan

If you're around Halifax, you've probably seen Dave's content.  Known best for his 365 video project, he's now producing content as part of his new company, threesixfive (@thr33sixfive).

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Gavin Hatheway // @justgaviner

Photographer and videographer who is part of @thr33sixfive and @skysailingstudios, his feed is full of drone shots and travel photos.

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Tim Mombourquette // @tim.mombourquette

Rounding out the team at @thr33sixfive is talented videographer Tim, who has a feed full of crisp shots from his travels.


Graham Mann // @grahamkmann

An entrepreneur & cofounder of @skysailingstudios who splits his time between Nova Scotia and Montreal, his feed is full of travel photos, landscapes and aerial photos.

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Lindsay McMullen // @lindsaymcmullen

A designer at IBM, you'll find lots of beautiful tones documenting Lindsay's travels in her feed.


Thanh // @loveandsundays

Running a mom-oriented blog of the same name, you'll find much of the same in her beautiful Instagram feed.

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Laura-Jane Koers // @therawtarian

Author of "Cook Lively", you'll find lots of cooking and food-related posts here.

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Adam Cornick // @acorn_art_photography

A freelance photographer with a passion for surfing and the ocean, you'll find beautiful sunsets, surfing and waves in this feed.


Kayla Short // @shortpresents

A blogger focused on food, fashion & beauty, you'll find her feed filled with bright pastels.


Renée Lavallée // @feistychef

Chef & owner at The Canteen (@thecanteenns) - a delicious restaurant in Dartmouth - you'll find lots of food and behind-the-scenes here.

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Doug Townsend // @douglish

Co-owner of @thecanteenns, his feed is filled with more delicious food and behind-the-scenes shots.

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Victoria McDermott // @v_mcdermott

Victoria is a model and MBA student at Dal, and you'll find her feed full of her adventures traveling.


Dylan Hebb // @dylanhebb

A freelance lifestyle photographer from Halifax, his feed is full of crisp, beautiful shots of Nova Scotia (and his dog).


Patrick Rojo // @patricio_rojo

This freelance photographer shares beautiful landscape photos from his travels along with lots of Maritimes shots. 


Jeff Cooke // @jeffcooke

This photographer is part of @cookedphotography and shares beautiful posts ranging from landscapes to events to weddings and more.

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Gary Brinton // @brintonphotography

This photographer shares stunning landscape and drone photos of the beautiful Nova Scotia landscape.


Jason Petersson // @jsn.ptrsn

The cofounder of Instagram account @enjoycanada splits his time between Calgary and Halifax, and shares stunning landscape photos of his travels.

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Bernie // @chillinwithbernie

A talented photographer, you can check out his site for more details, or just enjoy the moody tones and portraits on his feed.


Rich Aucoin // @richaucoin

A local musician, you'll find his feed filled with cycling, travel, and of course music!

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Kerri // @kerrifor

Kerri runs a beauty and lifestyle blog and her feed is filled with skincare, food, and light tones.


Jessica Emin // @eatwithjessie

If delicious food and lots of color are your things, you'll find lots to like on this delicious-looking feed.


Alex Maclean // @alexmaclean

Founder of East Coast Lifestyle (@eastcoastlifestyle), you can follow his posts as he travels and expands the brand worldwide.


Taylor Northey // @taylornorthey

Creative Director at East Coast Lifestyle and girlfriend of Alex, you can follow her travels with Alex as they continue to grow the business.


Alexandra Rose // @saltyyrose

A clean feed full of Nova Scotia adventures and travel!


Riley Smith // @rileysmithphoto

A photographer based in Halifax, his work includes the likes of Sidney Crosby and David Myles, and his feed is full of both black-and-white and color lifestyle shots.


Shannon Isaacs // @shannonisaacs14

A model and engineering student at Dalhousie University, you'll find some examples of her work in her feed, as well as photos from life in Halifax.


Duane Jones // @artpaysme

Artist, designer and co-host of @ctnpodcast, you'll find his feed full of behind-the-scenes content, and you can shop his apparel here.

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Matt Chisholm // @mattchisholmm

You'll find his feed full of moody landscapes, portraits, and urban shots.


Chelle // @chellewoottenphoto

A wedding and lifestyle photographer, you'll find her feed full of beautiful wedding shots.


Nick Hudson // @nickhudsonphoto

An up-and-coming photographer and founder of @LiveLifeNS, his feed features lots of urban shots from around Halifax.

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edN // @edni.p

Drone and landscape photographer with a feed full of beautiful tones and vistas.


Devon Renée Berquist // @tundra.punk

A visual artist who splits her time between the Yukon and Halifax, her feed is full of stunning landscapes, people, and behind-the-scenes shots.


Scott Blackburn // @scottophoto

A multi-faceted award-winning photographer, you'll find a diverse feed filled with everything from night photos to portraits, to music photography to landscapes.


Rob Canning // @rob_canning

A portrait and landscape photographer, his feed is filled with bright colors, drone shots, and portraits from his travels.

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Kate Bray // @lovekatebray

A blogger exploring "joie de vivre", Kate's feed is full of bright colors, travels and food.


TJ Maguire // @tjhfx

TJ's feed is quintessentially Maritime, with photos of recognizable colors, places and events from around Halifax and the Maritimes.

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Adrian McLean // @adrian_mclean

A feed characterized by bold colors of sunrise and sunset around Halifax and Dartmouth.


Amy Stackhouse // @amystackhouse

Everything from wildlife to flowers to landscapes in this beautiful feed.

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William Devine // @williamdevine_

Portraits, landscapes and more from this photographer.


Monica Phung // @mophung

Specializing in "environmental portraiture and documentary style photography", Monica's feed is full of just that.

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Mike Bayer // @mjb_photo

Commercial & advertising photographer and cofounder @flitelabimaging, Mike's feed is full of a variety of nature shots.

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Dawson Baker // @dawsonbaker

An adventure and landscape photographer, you can see more of his work on his website.


Riley Strowbridge // @strowbie

Video editor @thehighbutton, Riley's feed is a combination of video and a variety of shots from around Halifax and the South Shore.

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Patrick Collins // @pvcollinsphotos

An outdoor and lifestyle photographer with a feed full of calming reflections and landscapes.


Rebecca Hartery // @rebecca.hartery

A travel and lifestyle photographer with a feed full of bold colors and travel photos from all over the world.

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Alex Mbugua Thuku // @mbuguathuku 

This Halifax-based artist does amazing murals.


Brett Locke // @bretthfx

This photographer's feed is full of soft sunsets, long exposures, and very Nova Scotian shots.

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Dean Pyne // @dean_pineapple

Photographer and videographer from South Africa with a feed full of local Haligonians.

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James Rapaport // @jamesrapaport

A feed full of slow exposures and beautiful sunrises from around Halifax.

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Kinnon Job // @kinnonjob

Clean shots and aerials from around Nova Scotia.

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Sean McMullen // @seandmcmullen

Sean is one of the cofounders of the Halifax Social Network, and his feed is full of beautiful tones and textures from around Nova Scotia, the Maritimes, and beyond.


Girliture Home Decor //@girlituredecor

One of our favorite local decor companies, girliture creates beautiful custom pillows.  Find out more and shop on their website.


Saltwreck // @saltwreck

Of course, don't forget to follow us too! 

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