30+ Newfoundland & Labrador Photographers You Can't Miss

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When we put together this post, we had no idea how beautiful Newfoundland & Labrador would be.  These amazing photographers are doing a wonderful job capturing the stunning landscapes.  Enjoy!


Newfoundland Labrador Tourism // @newfoundlandlabrador

Your starting point for beautiful photos of Newfoundland & Labrador, this collection of photos is stunning.


Jessika Petten // @jessikapetten

A makeup artist, hair stylist, and entrepreneur, Jessika’s feed is full of vivid hair/makeup combos shot all around Newfoundland!


Jamie March // @jamesdavidmarch

Jamie is a designer with a feed full of dark, brooding tones, featuring beautiful landscapes, wildlife, and drone shots.  You can see more of his work on his website.


Explore Newfoundland // @explorenewfoundland

A feed full of stunning landscapes, light, and astrophotography.


Gord Follett // @gord_follett_photography

Gord is a photographer based in Paradise, Newfoundland, and his feed is full of beautiful sunrise and sunset lighting, long exposures, and night shots.  You can view more of his work and order prints on his website.


Tom Cochrane // @tomcochrane

Tom is a self-described “photographer, cinematographer, and digital storyteller” based in Corner Brook, Newfoundland.

His feed is full of brilliant colors, stunning landscapes and aerial shots.  You can find out more about his work here.


Kayla Ross // @kaylahaha

An adventurer with a feed full of photos of her dog, ski-doo, motorcycle and kayak, and all the trips she takes them on.


Brad James // @bradjames_photography

A wildlife photographer with a feed full of stunning close-ups of all kinds of wildlife, including foxes, puffins, caribou and more! You can read the story behind his images on his blog.


Ray Mackey // @raymackeyphotography

Ray’s feed features everything from night shots with the Northern Lights, to wildlife shots of puffins and whales, to wonderfully lit sunset landscapes.  

You can see even more of his photography, categorized by type, on his website.


Robert Conway // @robertconwayphotography

Robert is a photographer specializing in landscape and portrait photography, and has a feed full of his work.

You can see more of his work and book his services via his website.


Chelsey Lawrence // @chelsealawrencephotography

Chelsey is a photographer from St. John’s, Newfoundland, who does everything from astrophotography and landscapes to wedding, engagement and boudoir.

See more of her work and book services through her website.


Curtis Jones // @cjonesphoto

Curtis is a photographer whose work has been seen in National Geographic Explorer, Canadian Geographic, The Globe and Mail, and more.  He splits his time between Newfoundland and Nunavut.

You can find out more and book photo workshops with him here.


Michael Winsor // @michael_winsor_photography

Michael is owner/operator of Newfoundland Photo Tours, and has won numerous awards from Canadian Geographic, the Canadian Photographic Art Association, and more.

You can order prints, or book a time to join him for a photo tour on his website.


Dave Howells // @dave_howells_photo

Dave is an international award-winning photographer who was previously based in the UK and New York.  He now shoots advertising all across Canada, and is best known for his portrait work.

His feed is a combination of portraits, landscapes and behind-the-scenes.  You can see more of his work on his website.


Brendan Kelly // @__brendankelly__

Brendan is a photographer focused on documenting wildlife while focusing on protecting their environment.  He’s been doing environmental protection work for years, including a focus on the wetlands near where he grew up in Paradise, Newfoundland.

His feed is full of shots of all kinds of wildlife species, from seagulls to walruses to caribou and beavers.


Kara O’Keefe // @karaokeefe

Kara is a full-time pharmacist, part-time photographer.  Her Instagram feed captures a beautiful variety of shots, from landscape, to weddings, to documenting her travels, all with a clean palette.

You can see more of her work and order her prints here.


Julian Earle // @julianearlephotography

Julian’s feed is full of bright colors, aerial shots, and video showcasing the beauty of Newfoundland.


David Purchase // @davidpurchaseimagery

David is a fine art photographer with a feed full of vivid sunrise and sunset tones of amazing landscapes from all around Newfoundland.


Josh Bingle // @joshbinglephotography

Josh’s feed is a large mix of shots, all showcasing Newfoundland’s wonderful landscapes.


Ben Smith // @bensmithnl

Ben is a landscape and adventure photographer with a feed full of crisp shots.

You can see more of his work and order prints on his website.


Russell Lynch // @russell_lynch_photography

Russell is a photographer in addition to being a firefighter and a father, and takes breathtaking landscape shots from all around Newfoundland.

You can see more of his work and order prints here.


Janice Drover // @jaydeedc

Janice is a photographer with a feed full of a wide variety of shots, from landscapes to portraits, street photography and more.

You can see more of her work on her website.


Matt Manor // @mattmanorphoto

Matt is a nature photographer originally from Minnesota who is studying Geology in St. John’s.

His travels for work mean his photography takes place all over the world, and you can see more of his work here, including some fantastic underwater shots.


Anika Bursey // @anikaburseyphoto

Anika's feed is full of beautiful portraits, often shot in the Newfoundland wilderness.

You can see more of her work and book her to shoot on her website.


Taz Uddin // @tazsays

Taz is a portrait and lifestyle photographer whose feed is filled with portraits full of eye-popping color, often shot in St. John's.


John Fleming // @visualframeofmind

John is a photographer and filmmaker from St. John's who has a feed full of a wide variety of shots, from landscapes to travel and street shots.

You can see more of his photography and video work on his website.


Dru Kennedy // @dru_kennedy

Dru is a professional photographer from Corner Brook.  His feed is full of stunning landscape shots, often including astrophotography and sports like surfing and mountain biking as well.


Scott Grant // @_roninphoto_

Scott is a professional photographer with wide abilities, evidenced in the variation of shots through his feed.  They range from wedding shots, to landscapes and wildlife photos, with action shots, portraits, lifestyle shots and more mixed in.

You can see more of his work, get prints, and book him through his website.


Shana Burgess // @the_original_starseedz

Shana is a photographer based in Labrador, whose feed is full of shots of the Northern Lights, nature and wildlife.


Ritche Perez // @ritche.perez

Ritche is a photographer based in St. John's with a huge variety of work both in his Instagram feed and on his site.

Highly recommend checking out his website for more examples of his work.


Saltwreck // @saltwreck

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