Our Story

Beautiful maps that capture the spirit of Canada.

Saltwreck, was founded in Nova Scotia, Canada.  Each print is 100% made and shipped from a small print shop in Nova Scotia.

With over 375 beautiful maps, we have the largest collection of Canadian map art ever created. You are able to choose from either of our two collections, the “Iconic” or the “Heritage”.

In the "Iconic” collection you will enjoy a minimalist map concept that uses outlines of iconic shapes/symbols that best represent each featured city.  In each "Iconic" map you will also notice the color red.  Red highlights the roadways in each map and adds to the "Canadian feel".

Proud Canadians also love our "Heritage” collection.  Our heritage maps showcase a more traditional style black/white map but with a unique twist.  Each heritage map has listed the traditional place names of each Canadian City/Province/Territory in which it features. The maps are sure to bring up some interesting conversations and nostalgia. Think heritage minute,  "Kanata", anyone? The place names often date back thousands of years to the First Nations who first inhabited the land. The underlying tone of our heritage maps includes one of inclusiveness and respect for our deeply shared history.

Nova Scotia Heritage Map